Jewelry that Shows Devotion.

Explore our various pieces adorned with beautiful images of Our Blessed Mother.


Our Jewelry is Designed for Daily Wear.

Individually handcrafted to withstand the test of time, our pieces are tarnish-resistant.

  • Our pieces are tarnish-resistant and water safe so that you can wear them daily.

  • Shipping is complimentary on all U.S. orders $100+.

  • We prioritize fast order processing times to guarantee your satisfaction.

Meet Nikki


Introducing Nikki, the creator behind our handmade jewelry brand. Nikki, a young and passionate entrepreneur, embarked on a unique journey in 2023 driven by a deep sense of purpose. Feeling a profound calling, she sought to establish a Catholic jewelry brand that resonates with fellow young adults, mirroring her own spiritual journey. With a commitment to crafting not just jewelry but meaningful symbols of faith, Nikki aspires to blend beauty with purpose. Through her creations, she aims to inspire others to proudly showcase their faith, fostering a connection that goes beyond adornment, delving into the realm of personal and religious expression. Join us on this inspiring journey as Nikki endeavors to weave together spirituality and artistry, one exquisite piece at a time.



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